I love the fuzzy neon aesthetic of vaporave, but I do not like the nihilistic and communist undertones that the genre has. A Catholic cannot be a nihilist or a communist, so what can a Catholic do with vaporwave?

The answer is simple- nothing. We will make our own "wave". Tradwave is a Catholic response to the decadent and degenerate vaporwave.

On a more personal note, I really like VHS aesthetics. I'm a very nostalgic person, and I enjoy the aesthetics of the 80-90's tech era.

Some tradcaths do not like tradwave, or really anything that looks the slightest bit modern. That is fine, I don't wish to please everyone. But for those who have tastes similar to my own, I hope my art does not dissapoint you.

"NEW_IHS_byRCC" - Posted 4/8/2021


"MOUNTAINMAN-C31" - Posted 3/29/2021


"the_angels_embrace" - Posted 3/3/2021


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